What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

Being sentenced to install an ignition interlock device may feel overwhelming. But there are simple ways to live and work with this system. Plus, these devices can help keep our streets safe for everyone. Ignition interlock devices are easy to operate and will help curb future visits to the courtroom. It also allows the consumer to continue on with normal life, and drive legally at the same time.

The new interlock technology is so much more reliable than in the past. The devices cannot be tampered with, and at the same time, won’t drain the battery in a car or cause any other technical problems with driving. An ignition interlock system is becoming more common all over the country. In fact, at least 13 states have mandatory interlock device laws.

An ignition interlock system is a small device about the size of a cell phone. It works by measuring the amount of alcohol in an individual’s system. If the device registers over the set limit, the car will not start. If the driver’s breath test is below the pre-set limit, the car will start, however, there are required re-tests that must be performed during the course of the drive. This prevents a driver from having someone else start the car, or having a drink once the car starts.

Thanks to new technology, it is impossible to trick or dismantle the system without a violation being recorded. As long as the driver is abstaining from alcohol, there will be no problem starting the vehicle. This is why another reason ignition interlock devices are so reliable, safe and effective.

Compared to other punishments that can be handed down in court, an ignition interlock system is an affordable option. The devices cost about two to three dollars a day. This is much cheaper than having to pay fines, attend DUI classes, pay insurance premiums, and more. Ignition interlock devices are cost-effective and they work to keep the streets safe for everyone.

Numerous studies have been conducted in states where ignition interlock systems are being used more readily as punishment. Many of these states are reporting a huge drop in re-arrest rates once the ignition interlock system is installed. This is why more and more judges and courts are using ignition interlock systems as punishment, including those drivers convicted for the first time.

Ignition interlock systems allow drivers to go on with their normal lives, and not disturb the lives of their family members. This means a consumer can still drive his or her kids to school and get to work without facing any obstacles. A suspended license can be devastating. Meanwhile, an ignition interlock device is a fair, safe and trustworthy method for judges and prosecutors alike.